Investment in Femtech: Nicole Junkermann and Tania Boler’s Elvie

Femtech, is set to be worth US$50 billion by 2025, and is disrupting women’s health globally. Female entrepreneurs are at the forefront of this revolution, and this market boom has encouraged more women to enter the venture capital industry. International investor, entrepreneur and principal of venture capital fund NJF Capital, Nicole Junkermann, recognises that it is vital that investors continue to support this developing market, which targets more than 50% of the world population.

Nicole Junkermann

Nicole Junkermann has invested in pioneering Femtech company Elvie, which is leading the way in innovation within the sector. Co-founder, and CEO Tania Boler has explained that their mission is to improve women’s lives through smarter technology, providing innovative solutions to women’s problems. The Elvie Trainer is an award winning Kegel trainer for a stronger pelvic floor, for faster postnatal recovery. The Elvie Pump, is the world’s first silent wearable breast bump.

The products have been described by Nicole Junkermann as reinventing healthcare as we know it, by giving women back control and autonomy of their bodies. Nicole Junkermann, an entrepreneur and investor in Femtech, recognises that  it is vital that investors continue to support this developing market, which targets more than 50% of the world population. This is also recognised by other investors; to date, Elvie has raised over $53 million in funding, backed my IPGL, Impact Ventures and most recently HSBC.

Nicole Junkermann explained that Femtech is not only a source of future growth, but is also indicative of a move towards a fairer society. Femtech will play a vital role in improving women’s health, and improve how only 1% of venture capital funding to new businesses to female-led UK start-ups. Nicole Junkermann is looking forward to seeing the innovation within Femtech as the industry continues to expand. 


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